sahk anaesthesia foundation fellowship





The Anaesthesia Foundation Fellowship aims to enhance the training and development of Anaesthesiologists in Hong Kong.  This Foundation Fellowship will sponsor specialists in Anaesthesiology in Hong Kong for overseas training in different areas of anaesthesia eg cardiothoracic anaesthesia, neuroanaesthesia, pain medicine, paediatric anaesthesia.


  1. Specialists in Anaesthesiology in Hong Kong, from both private and public sectors, with no more than 5 years of post-specialist experience (i.e. those who have obtained FHKCA or FHKAM (Anaesthesiology) or FANZCA at time of application);
  2. Only life members or members with more than 2 years of membership are eligible to apply


  1. The duration of overseas training / clinical attachment sponsored under this Foundation Fellowship is expected to range from 3 to 6 months.
  2. The scholarship would cover the following expenses subject to a maximum cap of $100,000:

    a. Course and / or clinical attachment fees
    b. Direct return economy class air passages
    c. Accommodation
    d. Subsistence payment payable for the period of overseas study / training
    e. Other miscellaneous expenses

Terms and Conditions

  1. On completion of the overseas training, the doctors concerned are required to submit a report on their overseas training to SAHK. They are also requested to share their training experience in appropriate forums. The specialists concerned can accept sponsorship / scholarship from other organizations (e.g. Hospital Authority, University Grants or from other organizations) and the maximum amount of sponsorship fromSAHK is $100,000.
  2. The exact amount depends on whether the expenditure is justified or not. The selection board has the final decision on the amount of sponsorship involved.
  3. The applicant needs to provide receipts for reimbursement and cannot apply for reimbursement for the same expenditure from different source of sponsorship.

Applications Procedures

Application form can be downloaded:

- Anaesthesia Foundation Fellowship Application Form

Applications should be submitted with the following documents to SAHK:

    a. curriculum vitae
    b. the proposed overseas training / clinical attachment plan including the objectives, proposed start and end date, training or program content, institution(s) / hospital(s) proposed for training or attachment, and the estimated training / attachment fees etc

Selection Interview

Upon the application closing date, all applications received will be forwarded to the SAHK council. Each short listed candidate may be required to make a presentation in the selection interview.

Each shortlisted candidate will be assessed in terms of the following parameter:

    a. years of post fellowship
    b. content of the proposed oversea training or attachment program
    c. contribution to the development of SAHK, Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine in Hong Kong (depending on the area of training involved).

Depending on the number of suitable candidates identified and the nature of the proposed training or attachment program, some candidates may be put on the waiting list and will be awarded the Foundation Fellowship next year, depending on the resources available in the Foundation Fellowship

The selection board has the final decision on the approval of the Foundation Fellowship and the amount of sponsorship involved.

The SAHK reserves the right to review and amend the terms and conditions of the Anaesthesia Foundation Fellowship at any time in the future.