Message from the President

This is the first Newsletter for the year 1999. On behalf of the Council, I would like to wish you all a successful and fruitful new year.

The Third Annual Scientific Meeting jointly organized by the Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists and Society of Anaesthetists of Hong Kong in December last year was accomplished in success. More than 170 delegates registered for the Meeting, while the anaesthesia simulator session, workshops and refresher course were also well attended. Dr. K.F. Ng, Chairman of the 1998ASM, and his Organizing Committee must be praised for their dedication and effort in organizing this excellent Meeting. At the HKCA Congregation Dinner during this Meeting, the Society formally presented a cheque of HK$100,000 to the College. This donation was made to support the College in promoting educational activities and standards of anaesthesia in Hong Kong. Dr. P.P. Chen, chairman of the coming ASM1999 has already started the preparatory work of this year's Meeting. Members are welcome to give comments and ideas on this annual event.

The SAHK Research and Conference Grant for the year 1998/99 is now open for application. In order to attract more applications, the Council decided to extend the deadline to the end of March. Members, in particular trainees, are encouraged to apply for the sponsorship for educational purposes. Please do not miss this opportunity.

The "Certificate Course for Anaesthetic Nursing" is now in its fourth year. As quite a number of tutors anaesthesiologists will be involved in the groundwork of the 10th Anniversary of HKCA, the Council considered to organize only one, instead of two courses this year. Moreover, the Society is also prepared to render full support to this important College event within our limited resources.

It has been a long time since the Society organized guided tours to the medical gas manufacturing plant of Hong Kong Oxygen & Acetylene Co. For various reasons, we were not able to organize such activity in the past few years. I am pleased to inform members that the Society is now arranging a site visit with HKO this year. It would be an invaluable experience for the anaesthesiologists to see the process of medical gas production, filling and storage. Please watch out for our announcement.

Happy Chinese New Year and Best Wishes,


Dr. C.K. Chan
President, SAHK
February 1999

Message from the Chairman of 1998 ASM organizing committee
Dr. K. F. NG

The 1998 Joint Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Anaesthetists of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists was held at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Mongkok on 5th and 6th December 1998. The theme of the Meeting was "Technology and Anaesthesia". Dr Z Lett who gave the opening speech nicely introduced this theme with a nostalgic flavor. Our three guest speakers were Dr Peter Kam, Professor Steven Konstadt and Professor Arthur Lam. In addition, there was Dr Steven Gatt who was sponsored by Glory Medical Limited and Dr Andreas Meier-Hellmann who was sponsored by Cemma Enterprise Co., Ltd. We also had a strong team of local experts coming from nearly every hospital in Hong Kong.

The scientific program consisted of lectures and workshops as in previous years. In addition, a refresher course and a pre-meeting off-site simulator workshop were held. With kind assistance of the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences of the Polytechnic University, we managed to run a one and a half-day simulator workshop on 4th to 5th December. 28 anaesthesiologists, including trainees, specialists and anaesthesiologists in private practice experienced crisis management on the simulator for 15 minutes. Most of them find it interesting and we are looking forward to repeat this workshop in the 1999 ASM.

The refresher course was attended by 57 delegates, despite competing with the 2 workshops run by our two internationally distinguished guest speakers! Attendants included 30 fellows and 27 trainees.

There were 16 free papers presented at the meeting. These included works coming from local researchers, as well as from Australia, China and Singapore. The free paper prize which was awarded to the best free paper presented by SAHK members or HKCA members/fellows went to Dr Ferdinand Chan of Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong. The paper entitled "Correlation of regional cerebral blood flow and TCD flow velocity in healthy adults". We would like to congratulate Dr Chan and thank our judges Professor David Chung, Dr Chandra Rodrigo and Professor Yang again.

There were a total of 203 registrants this year, including 53 trainee registrants, 102 paid up fellow registrants, and 42 speakers, guests and members of organizing committee. Both the numbers of trainee registrants (53 compared with 30) and paid up fellows (102 compared with 69) were increased compared with the 1997 ASM. We also see colleagues from Macau attending the meeting for the first time. The number of registrants from China, however, was reduced from 11 in 1997 to 3 this year.

The ASM continued to receive enthusiastic support from the industry, who generously sponsored 13 booths, advertisement in our program book and other items (see Appendix). In particular, Zeneca and Organon Teknika continued to sponsor the congregation dinner and ASM lunch respectively as in 1997.

It is through this unfailing support from our colleagues, as well as from our friends in the industry that the ASM continued to remain a profitable venture to our Society and College. The income and expenditure account has not been finalized yet at this time but we do have a rough estimate. The total income is about $920,000, and the total expenditure is around $430,000, giving the ASM a net profit of about $490,000. Various sponsorship accounted for around $720,000 of the income while registration fee accounted for around $200,000.

The Society appreciates very much the support of its members towards the ASM. We would like to see this support coming through even stronger next year, as the 1999 ASM will highlight the Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists' celebration of her 10th Anniversary. The 1999 ASM is scheduled to take place in November 1999, so make sure your diary is marked!

Appendix - List of sponsors ASM 1998 (alphabetical order)

Company Sponsorship item
Abbott Laboratories Ltd exhibition booth
Astra Pharmaceuticals (HK) Ltd exhibition booth & briefcase
B. Braun Medical (HK) Ltd exhibition booth
Becton Dickinson Asia Ltd advertisement
Cemma Enterprise Co, Ltd exhibition booth
Glaxo Wellcome China Ltd exhibition booth
Glory Medical Ltd exhibition booth
Sims Graseby Ltd exhibition booth
Hong Kong Oxygen & Acetylene Co, Ltd exhibition booth
Johnson & Johnson (HK) Ltd exhibition booth
McBarron Book Co book shop
Organon Teknika China Ltd exhibition booth
Roche Hong Kong Ltd exhibition booth
Schmidt & Co (HK) Ltd - Schmidt Medical advertisement
Science International Corporation exhibition booth
Tokibo Company (HK) Ltd advertisement
United Italian corporation (HK) Ltd exhibition booth

Conference Grant and Research Grant

This year the Society will continue to offer research and conference grants to her members, with a deadline extended to 31 March 1999. For those who are interested, please fill in the enclosed application form and return it to the acting Convenor, Dr. Tommy Suen, c/o Anaesthetic Department, United Christian Hospital, 130,Hhip Wo St. Kwun Tong, HKSAR

Selection criteria and priorities for the conference grant are as followings:

Applicants must be Ordinary Members of the SAHK for 2 consecutive years immediately prior to the application as well as during the time when attending conference. Successful applicants will be subjected to a 3 years exemption period of future conference grant.

Please contact Dr. Tommy Suen for further details of the research grant.

New Application or Renewal of Membership 1999

The 1999 annual membership fee remains at $250. Membership subscription has been waived for new trainee applications while 50% concession will be offered to trainee renewals. Please encourage all trainees to join the Society.

Hong Kong Oxygen Site (Tai Po and Tseung Kwan O) Visit

Date: 15 May 1999 (Saturday)
Time: 1300-1700
Vacancy: 20 - 30 people

Priority will be given to trainees and members without prior visit to HKO.

For those interested, please fax this form to Dr. Tommy Suen at 23794245 before 21st of April.

NAME: ______________________

STATUS: Member in training position / Member

Previous visit to HKO: Yes / No

Contact no: Tel ______________________ or Fax ______________________

Detail of the visit will be given to participants later.

Dr. Tommy Suen
Hon. Assistance Secretary, SAHK
February 1999