NEWSLETTER January 2001


January 2001

Message from the President

As the New Year is approaching, I would like, on behalf of the Council, to wish you all a successful and fruitful new year.

The Fifth Annual Scientific Meeting jointly organized by the Society of Anaesthetists of Hong Kong and Hong Kong College of Anaesthesiologists in September this year was highly successful. More than 250 delegates participated in the Meeting. While the programs in general were well attended, the new off-site anatomy workshop for regional anaesthesia jointly organized with The Chinese University of Hong Kong invited very good response. The credit certainly went to Dr. Y. F. Chow, Chairman of the ASM2000, and his Organizing Committee for their effort in organizing this successful meeting.

This traditional ASM will be temporary suspended next year as HKCA will be organizing the Combined Scientific Meeting (CSM) with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists in Hong Kong in 2001. However, our Society would render full support to the College in this important meeting and will sponsor one overseas guest anaesthesiologist to speak in the CSM. Moreover, we have reached an agreement with the College that the Society and College will jointly organize the annual meeting again in year 2002.

In order to encourage the trainee anaesthesiologists to participate in the coming CSM, the Council also decided to offer a special Conference Grant to sponsor fifteen member trainees to attend this joint event. The sponsorship would cover a full early bird registration fee for the successful applicants. Please watch out for details in this newsletter.

The Society will be organizing the seventh class of "Certificate Course for Anaesthetic Nursing" next year. As in past years, it is expected that this course will again attract enormous participation. In view of the enthusiastic response from nurses in both public and private hospitals and also the feedback from nurses who have graduated from the course, the Society decides to organize some short courses with specific themes for nurses to update and enhance their knowledge in certain important clinical areas. The first dedicated half-day programme entitled "Symposium on Recovery Room Care for Nurses" was held on the Saturday afternoon of 18th November 2000. It consisted of series of lectures and a quiz session, offering comprehensive information in relevant clinical topics. This programme was highly successful, with a total of 228 nurses from 15 public and 9 private hospitals registered for the symposium and 215 participants attended. In fact, we had to turn away many of the late applications and change to a larger lecture theatre to accommodate such a big audience. Three participants who achieved the highest marks at the prize quiz session were each awarded of a book coupon. They were Irene Chung Oi-lin, Chan Mei-koon and Hui Mei-chun, all from PYNEH. The success of this symposium is definitely the result of the effort and hard work paid by Dr. P P Chen and Dr. Steven Wong who were the key persons in organizing this symposium. Certainly, we must also thank our guest speakers for their support and contribution to this symposium. It is our plan to organize one such symposium on different interesting topics every year. Moreover, this activity would also help to boost the associate membership of nurses.

Coupled with the Chinese New Year and the real change into the Third Millennium, it would be a nice time for members to have a social gathering. The Council agreed that the activity shall be in the form a Spring Dinner, that could also serve as a welfare function for our existing as well as new members. The dinner will be held on Friday, 9th February 2001 and members are cordially invited to participate in this social event. Only a minor cost will be charged and the Society would subsidize major part of the expenses. The Council would also invite our honorary lecturers and speakers to this dinner, in token of our thanks and appreciation for their continuing support and contributions to the Society activities.

I look forward to seeing you in the dinner.

Happy New Year and Best Wishes,

Dr. C.K. Chan
President, SAHK
December 2000

Message from the Chairman of 2000 ASM organizing committee
Dr. Y.F. Chow

The fifth annual scientific meeting jointly organized by SAHK and HKCA was held at the Sheraton Hong Kong & Towers Hotel on 8 to 10 September 2000. The theme of this year's meeting was "Perioperative Medicine in the New Millennium"; with a balanced coverage of topics related to anaesthesia, pain and intensive care. The meeting was well received and more than 250 participants had attended.

Our International Guest Faculty included Prof. Phillip O. Bridenbaugh and Prof. Neil MacIntyre from the United States and Prof. Mathieu Gielen from Holland.

The conference started off with an exciting whole day simulator session for crisis management held in the Polytechnic University. The off-site anatomy workshop for regional anaesthesia jointly organized with The Chinese University of Hong Kong was a great success. Refresher courses, difficult airway workshop and evidence based medicine workshops were all well attended. We also had an interesting debate on thoracic epidural anaesthesia awake or asleep; and the morning panel discussion on medical legal issues was extremely popular once again. Highlights on ventilator synchrony were given in the ICU symposium.

We had received plenty of abstracts for presentation this year. Substantial number of them came from the Mainland China. The Best Trainee Paper Prize went to Dr Kin Wah LAI (QEH) for his presentation on "Effect of age on Recovery from Remifentanil Anaesthesia".

After the closing ceremony, speakers and participants then relaxed into the enjoyable evening of wine tasting.

On behalf of the organizing committee I would like to thank all members, fellows and friends who had continuously support the event. Finally I would like to thank the whole team of the organizing committee to make it a success.

We look forward to meeting you again in the CSM (HKCA and ANZCA) in May 2001.

Appendix - List of sponsors ASM 2000

Sponsorship in Exhibition Booth
Abbott Laboratories Limited
Agilent Technologies Hong Kong Ltd.
B. Braun Medical (H.K.) Ltd.
Goodman Medical Supplies Limited
Hong Kong Oxygen & Acetylene Co., Ltd.
Johnson & Johnson (Hong Kong) Ltd.
McBarron Book Company
Novartis Pharmaceuticals (HK) Ltd.
Roche Hong Kong Ltd.
Schmidt & Co., (HK) Ltd.
Science International Corporation
Smiths Industries Medical Systems (China) Ltd.
United Italian Corporation (HK) Limited

Sponsorship in Advertisement
Abbott Laboratories Limited
Faulding Pharmaceuticals (Hong Kong) LTd.
Glaxo Wellcome Hong Kong
SmithKline Beecham Limited

Other Sponsorship Items
Organon Teknika China Ltd.
AstraZeneca Hong Kong Ltd.

Date Title HKCA
CME Points
MOPS Points
28 Sept 98

Recent Advances in Local Anaesthetic Agent

  1. Toxicity of Local Anaesthetics
  2. Post-operative Pain Management
    • Prof. Stephen A. Schug
  3. Surgical Anaesthesia
  4. The Obstetric Challenge
    • Dr. John McClure
1 3
9 Nov 98

Low Flow Anaesthesia

  • Prof. Jan A. Baum
1 3
5-6 Dec 98 Annual Scientific Meeting 1998
1. Meeting
2. Simulator
3. Refresher Course
4. Workshop


14 June 99

Practical Applications of VIMA - Case Discussion

  • Dr. James Murray
1 3
13 Sept 99

Management of Neuropathic Pain and Lower Back Pain

  • DR. Charles A. Gauci
1.5 4.5
20 Sept 99 Y2K Symposium - Impact on Anaesthesia 1.5 4.5
5-7 Nov 99 Annual Scientific Meeting 1999
1. Meeting
2. Simulator
3. Refresher Course
4. Workshop


27 June 2000

Development of Day Case Surgery - European Lessons

  • Dr. Carl Heidelmeyer
1 3
8-9 Sept 00 Annual Scientific Meeting 2000
1 Meeting
Refresher Course
Airway Workshop
Evidence Based Workshop
Anatomy Workshop



(Combined Scientific Meeting)CSM 2001 Trainees' Grant

This year the Society instead of offering the usual research and conference grants to her members, the Society are going to offer up to 15 ordinary(trainee) members with full early bird registration to attend the CSM 2001 at May in Hong Kong.

The deadline of application is on the 14/02/2001 and the successful applicants will be notified on or before 21/02/2001. For those who are interested, please fill in the enclosed application form and return it by mail or fax to the Convenor, Dr. Tommy Suen, c/o Anaesthetic Department, United Christian Hospital, 130,Hip Wo Street, Kwun Tong,Kowloon, HKSAR FAX: 23794245

Selection criteria and priorities for the grant are as followings:

Successful applicants will be subjected to a 2 years exemption period of future conference grant.

Note: It is the applicant's responsibilities to obtain prior approval from his/her attached institution, if require, prior to the acceptance of the grant.