Sponsorship for Trainee Anaesthetic Course




The conditions of sponsorship for Trainee Anaesthetic Course:

  • Ordinary (Trainee) members of the SAHK for 2 consecutive years immediately prior to the application.
  • Ordinary (Trainee) members of the SAHK during the time of anaesthetic course.
  • The term "Anaesthetic Course" applies to local or overseas anaesthetic course.
  • The time interval between the application and the anaesthetic course must be within one year.
  • Preference shall be given to those individuals who are not financially supported by any other organization.
  • A feedback on the course acceptable to the Council would be published in the Society newsletter.
  • The successful applicant would be required to sign an undertaking form.
  • Successful applicants will be subjected to a 2 years exemption period of the future "SAHK Sponsorship for Trainee Anaesthetic Course".
  • The financing will be on a reimbursement basis for the actual expenses incurred in relation to attending the course. Such expenses must not been reimbursed by any other organization.
  • The reimbursement is subjected to adequate proofs of the expenditure submitted after the course and the submission of the feedback to the Society.
  • The actual sponsorship will be determined by the selection committee.

Download Sponsorship for Trainee Anaesthetic Course Application Form (pdf Format)